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Why Buy From Pacific Microsystems?

  • High quality Leica instruments and accessories.
  • Leica factory trained sales and service support staff.
  • Attention to detail. We have the experience to recommend the best configuration to fit your specific needs.
  • Continued support after the sale. We respond quickly to resolve any issues that may arise after the sale.
  • Purchasing and service agreements. We have the flexibility to negotiate and tailor purchasing and service agreements to fit your unique and specific needs, (large or small organizations/facilities).

why buy leica? important microscope features by application


  • Leica has many unique features to make your work more comfortable and efficient.
  • We offer Leica high resolution digital cameras that integrate seamlessly with most microscope models. The software included is easy to use and intuitive, with many features pathologists appreciate, such as reference measurement bars, and the ability to do point to point measurements.
  • Specialized objectives, such as 1.25x, 1.6x scanning objectives, and 63x high power dry objectives are available.


  • Many ergonomic features are available to make your work environment as comfortable as possible.
  • Leica has a 10x objective with a very long working distance, (17.6mm).
  • Synchronized light objectives to eliminate the need to adjust light intensity when moving to various magnifications.


  • Leica has a 50x oil objective that is both high resolution and high contrast.
  • Many ergonomic features to accommodate tall and short people in the lab, ensuring comfortable viewing for all.


  • We usually provide a 40x objective for viewing in both brightfield and phase contrast. The condenser can be moved up and down, and also can be set to stop at the correct position for Koehler Illumination.
  • For AF, (Autoimmunity Fluorescence), we feature a blue excitation filter cube with a long pass emission filter. This gives you a good view of the background, and makes it easier to determine the focus plane when viewing negative samples, but still allows the positive stains to show bright green against the background.
  • We have mercury, metal halide, and LED illumination as options for your fluorescence illumination.


  • For microbiology, we often configure the microscope with 4x, 10x, 40x, and 100x (oil) objectives. You’ll appreciate the parfocality, as there is very little focusing needed when moving through the various objectives. Fluorescence and phase contrast contrasting techniques are always available as an option for our microscopes.


  • Many dermatologists like our lower power objectives, as Leica offers 1.25x, 1.6x, and 2.5x scanning objectives.
  • We also offer a polarized light kit for Congo Red tests.


  • Our polarized light kit includes a full wave plate that enables quick yet accurate differentiation of gout/pseudo gout, (monosodium urate or calcium pyrophosphate crystals).

Light Duty Microscopy Use

  • For lighter duty microscopy needs, (small clinics, histology labs, veterinarians, labor and delivery, etc.), we feature the Leica DM750 model. This microscope has all of the important components as our heavy duty microscopes, and also has a very attractive price, with complete configurations that include hospital grade objectives starting at $1700.

IVF Labs

  • We have Leica high power stereomicroscopes and compound microscopes with heated stages for your in vitro fertilization needs.

Cytogenetic Microscopes

  • Leica offers both manual and automated microscopes to meet your cytogenetic needs, including motorized fluorescence turrets that will accommodate up to 8 fluorescence filters.

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