Popular models for small labs and clinics
Leica DM500

Popular models for hospitals and pathologists

Leica DM1000

Popular models for FISH and other fluorescence diagnostic applications

Leica DM4 B and Leica DM6 B

Popular cameras for pathology

Leica DFC295 3MP color camera mounted on Leica S8APO stereomicroscope

Leica DFC450 5MP color camera

5MP SPOT idea Camera

The 5MP SPOT idea camera is an excellent choice for pathology or clinical applications. The camera includes SPOT basic software (Windows and Mac), which features real-time image previewing, scale bar addition, report generation, time lapse, and measuring capabilities. Its USB 2.0 interface enables "plug and play" installation.

Leica DM750

Leica DM2000

Lumencor LED Illuminator

A smart alternative to mercury/metal halide fluorescence illuminators.
  • No bulb changes or alignments
  • Can be turned off and on without any wait times
  • Mercury-free
  • Low energy consumption

Leica ICC50W and Leica ICC50E

5MP camera modules. No photoport or C-mount needed. This camera module fits between the binocular tube and the Leica microscope stand. The "W" version has wi-fi capabilities. Both versions will run on PCs or Macs, (or standalone, with a HDMI connection to a HD monitor).

New Leica MC170HD Camera

HD Digital microscope camera with c-mount interface that provides a full high definition live image with up to 30fps and a standard capture resolution of 5Mpixels. It produces full-color still images and Full-HD movie clips for all microscopic applications.

The camera can be used standalone without PC or connected via USB cable. In standalone mode all camera commands can be made by a wireless remote control which allows you to comfortably set a white balance setting, capture images, show the gallery of captured images, display overlays onto the live or captured image, etc.

In PC mode the camera offers full compatibility with LAS and its many add-on modules like interactive measurement or extended focus.

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